Already in Genesis we’ve learned much about God when it comes to sin:

  • He’s holy. He sent Adam and Eve out of the garden when they sinned. He won’t live with sinful people.
  • He’s fair and just. He cursed Cain for killing Abel. He punishes sin.
  • He’s loving. In both stories he also showed kindness. He saves his people from sin.

The flood shows how all of this fits God’s heart. God saw how evil people were, “and it grieved him to his heart” (Gen. 6:6). His decision to destroy people came from his holiness and the fairness in his heart. He hates sin. He was determined to stop it, even at the high cost of destroying people he’d made and loved.

God’s heart also had love for Noah. God saved Noah and his family. He used Noah to save the animals, too.

When the flood was over, God promised with a rainbow never to kill everyone again. What love! It sounds so good. But then Noah got drunk and his son disrespected him. Sin was still a problem. How would God deal with it now that he’d promised in love not to kill everyone anymore? How would he still be holy and fair?

God’s solution is that he took the punishment for sin himself. He loves us that much. He determined to deal with sin even at the horribly high cost of giving his Son.

That’s the heart of our loving, fair, and holy God.

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