Was Jacob a good guy or a bad guy?

We might think he’s a good guy. He really wanted the birthright and the blessings of God. But we might also think he’s a bad guy. He was sneaky and told lies in order to get what he wanted.

The Bible says it’s more important that Jacob was God’s guy. God picked him before he was even born—before he could do anything good or bad (Romans 9:11).

Both Jacob’s good-guy desires and his bad-guy trickery got him nothing. He ended up on the run, leaving the Promised Land, sleeping on a rock. That’s when God came down and gave him the true blessing his heart needed.

Jacob was less tricky and more trusting after that. He hadn’t won God’s love by being a good man. But he became a better man by knowing God’s love.

Like God came down to Jacob, Jesus has come down to us.  He has shown us his love by dying for us. He has paid for our sin so that we can be sure God will bless us—even if we aren’t always good.

This is what makes us eager to trust God instead of being tricky.

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