God came down to Moses, told how he’d seen his people’s suffering, and revealed his name. He promised to save the people from Egypt, make them rich with plunder, and bring them into a new land. But all this was so wonderful it was hard to believe.

Even when God gave Moses signs so the people would believe, Moses had a hard time accepting his own role in the story. But God patiently helped him grow in faith. The people believed his message and joyfully worshiped God. And Moses himself bravely did go to Pharaoh as ordered—because he too believed God’s good news.

Our own good news from God is also hard to believe sometimes. God has come down and shown us himself in Jesus. Jesus died to save us and has risen again to bring us to a new home, where we will enjoy his riches forever.

As the Holy Spirit teaches us to believe this good news, we too are able to worship with joy. And like Moses, we find ourselves able to do brave things for God.

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