Naomi’s biggest worry from the beginning of the book, when Ruth decided to come with her, was marriage and long-term care. Here we see how that too gets worked out through Boaz, by God’s grace.

Boaz and Ruth are both godly rather than selfish in their approach to marriage. Ruth agrees to marry an older man. Boaz is willing to share his inheritance—and he checks out another guy first to make sure that guy is either willing to do the same or will give up his rights to Ruth! Ruth continues to practice receiving grace from Boaz (and from God), and Boaz continues to practice giving grace that’s costly (just like God). He redeems Ruth. It’s a costly redemption that extends to the deep commitment of marriage.

All of Naomi and Ruth’s greatest problems are solved, right?

Well, as great an ending as that is, the book of Ruth has another surprise ending tacked on. The couple has a baby, Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of David. THE END. Boom.

David became the greatest king of Israel ever. He’s the guy to solve the larger problem taking place in the time of the judges—that of no king in Israel. God isn’t just blessing Naomi and her family. He’s using the family to bless everyone in Israel!

God was good even though things looked so sad for Naomi, so bitter. Now she and Ruth are so happy—and they don’t even see the best blessing of all! Only the author and readers do. God is better than Naomi and Ruth will ever know in their lifetimes.

Plus there’s still more. The list of sons descended from Boaz and Ruth continues in Matthew 1, and leads to… Jesus! God had a plan to redeem the whole world through Naomi and Ruth, who never saw it.

Sometimes life seems bitter. Sometimes the bitterness seems to last ten years like it did for Naomi, or sometimes even longer. Sometimes we barely see any of the happy ending Naomi finally got to see. But be assured that if you belong to Jesus any happy ending you do get to see (even if it’s much happiness) is just a taste—because the very best of all you’ll never even see in this life.

God is saving us and redeeming the whole world through Jesus, with amazing glories yet to be seen. Trust him. God is giving us so much!

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