Ruth is a woman of faith. Having decided to live as one of God’s people in their land, she follows God’s prescribed method for the poor to receive help—by gleaning, even though the work would be hard and potentially dangerous. And she behaves in a humble, faith-filled way throughout her day in the fields. She’s a model for how to receive grace:

  • She’s not demanding, but willing to do what it takes to help Naomi.
  • She works hard and quietly.
  • She stays out of the way and knows her place, in the back.
  • She knows she’s unworthy, but graciously accepts and receives all of Boaz’s kindness—even when it seems like way too much.

Boaz is a man of God. He’s a picture of how God cares and gives grace:

  • He notices and takes an interest.
  • He appreciates Ruth’s faith.
  • He fills whatever needs he sees. He even anticipates needs and fills them in advance. He does way more than is required.
  • He’s overflowing with kindness and generosity. He does not hold back.

Naomi comments at the end of it all, “The Lord has not stopped showing his kindness to the living and the dead!” She understands it’s first of all about God’s kindness, and we should too. Sometimes we imagine all sorts of untrue things about God—that he’s crabby, overbearing, or stingy. But the book of Ruth teaches us that none of that is true, and Jesus’ life confirms it.

Jesus too noticed others, appreciated their faith, anticipated and filled their needs in way-more-than-required ways. He did not hold back, even when it meant going to the cross. He has done all this for us. We are to be like Ruth—humbly receiving all he offers, trusting him in faith.

Discuss: What can we learn from Ruth about how we can live a receiving sort of life—a life of faith in Jesus?

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