Getting to go to Egypt was such a great opportunity for Jacob. But he still seemed unsure about moving there until God made two important promises:

  1. God would go with him everywhere.
  2. God would one day bring him back to the Promised Land—a still better, lasting home.

So Jacob went to Egypt, and God did bless him there. He won the Pharaoh’s approval and his family became rich. God was indeed with him.

But even with things going so well, Jacob also remembered God’s other promise of still better things. So before he died, he told his sons to bury him back in the Promised Land.

The funeral procession for Jacob’s burial was fit for a king. Although his life had much sadness, God was always with him and in the end gave him honor far beyond anything he deserved. Little old Jacob had many blessings in life, but the most spectacular came only after he died.

For us, life with Jesus is much the same. When we face hard times in this life, we must trust that Jesus is with us wherever we go, whatever may happen. And when things go well, then too we must remember that after we die Jesus will still be with us, giving us a lasting home with the grandest blessings of all.

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