God made a great garden for his people, with rivers and trees and fruit. But Adam and Eve didn’t trust God’s goodness. They didn’t obey their Creator. Their sin made them unfit to live in God’s garden anymore. So God cursed them and sent them out.

This could have been the end of the story. But instead it’s just the beginning. God showed love for his people even after they sinned. He came and called to them and covered their shame.

Still, a flaming sword and cherubim made sure they’d never return to the garden. Due to their sin, Adam and Eve lost so much!

For centuries God still kept them at a distance. Sin is so bad it requires that. Even when God came again later to be with his people in the Temple, a curtain decorated with cherubim continued to keep them back.

But finally God came as Jesus and took away our shame. He cancelled the curse of death by dying for our sin on the cross. When that happened, the curtain with those cherubim was torn in two. God and his people were together again!

In Revelation 22, the Bible ends the same way it began—with rivers and fruit and the tree of life. Everything we’ve lost because of our sin we get back because of Jesus!

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