When God made a covenant with his people at Mt. Sinai and gave them his law, they had to promise to obey! That sounded dangerous. What if they failed? But with Moses as their go-between with God, they were safe. They promised to obey God’s law, but they didn’t get killed when they sinned.

We have an even better go-between with God—Jesus! Jesus makes it possible for us, like the Israelites, to work at obeying God’s law with eagerness rather than fear:

  • In Jesus, we’re forgiven and counted righteous even when we fail to obey the law as we should. So we’re not scared of God’s commandments.
  • In Jesus, we’re God’s children. So we love God’s commandments because we love our Father.
  • In Jesus, we’re made pure and holy. So we have power to obey God’s commandments through the Spirit’s work in us, and we grow more and more eager to obey God.

So we like the Ten Commandments God gave at Sinai and consider ways we can keep each of them—with confidence, eagerness and joy.

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