Joseph did everything well, but his life kept getting worse. His brothers sold him as a slave. Then his master put him in prison. Then the king’s cupbearer forgot him.

But God had a plan. He used the bad things to do good. Joseph got out of prison. He became a ruler. Best of all, he saved many people in many nations from starving. Through Joseph, God kept his promise to make Abraham’s family a blessing to all the earth.

God’s biggest plan works the same way. God let bad things happen to Jesus, too. Jesus suffered, was killed and buried.

But God used those bad things to do good. Jesus arose and ascended into heaven. He rules and will come again. Best of all, by his down-then-up life he saves many people in many nations. Jesus is God’s great blessing to all the earth.

We who belong to Jesus become part of that great plan. Bad things may happen to us, like they did to Joseph and Jesus. But God is always with us in hard times, no matter how bad things get. And he will turn them to good—not just good for us, but also good for many others through us. God uses us to bless his world.

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