God told Pharaoh, “Let my people go so they can worship me.” Worship of God is the great goal in Exodus. We can learn about it from the items in the Tabernacle.

  • The altar shows that sin must be paid for before we come and worship. There must be a sacrifice.
  • The wash basin shows that we must come to God cleanly, with hearts prepared for worship.
  • The tree-shaped lampstand shows that God is our life and our light. He is all we need.
  • The table of bread, always replenished, shows that we must trust God to daily provide for us.
  • The blood-sprinkled altar of incense, where prayers were said twice a day, shows that we must always pray—and that shed blood makes our prayers heard.
  • The ark—containing the Ten Commandments and sprinkled with blood—shows that God has a covenant with us and lives among us.

We don’t use any of these exact pieces of furniture anymore in our worship because we have Jesus. But all of the furniture points us to him:

  • He is our sacrifice for sin.
  • He gives us clean hearts.
  • He is our light and our life.
  • He has provided his body for us.
  • He has shed his blood so we may come to God.
  • He lives among us by his Spirit.

Jesus is at the center of all our worship.

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